Saturday, January 21, 2012

Art Echo is being born

This is it. The Art Echo blog is being born. It shall be a place for reflections on the performing arts as well as other art forms and for interviews with fellow artists.

My focus has always been theater - not quite sure why, but that's the way it is. At first, I was charmed by the social aspect of putting on a play: we're all in it together, and we have a common goal. As I pursued my interest in the performing arts, I realized that I got an added kick when watching and making original work. The stage as a laboratory for anything that involves bodies and voices, for any story that needs to be told.
But a good piece of theater, like any essential piece of art, is made of the fabric of life and is fueled by our experiences. So will this blog - fueled by the wise words of others before us, and those of our contemporaries in order to better understand the stuff we are made of.

 In addition to written posts, I will be uploading some spoken interviews with artists. I have been living in the Lehigh Valley for 2 years + now, and I have been fortunate to meet some inspiring people along the way with fascinating lives and stories. Forgive me for the poor audio quality of the first few podcasts - I have been learning as I go along. But I dare think that the content of the interviews will make it worth your while to take a listen, and I promise to make the listening experience more enjoyable with each new podcast.

I hope that you'll enjoy this blog, and feel free to comment and join the discussion any time!

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