Saturday, January 21, 2012

Interview with Bill George, theater artist.

I sat down with Bill to interview him at his house in Nazareth, PA. The main room has a large wooden table at its center, and the fire was burning next door. Lovely smell, and the sound of crackling wood (which you can faintly hear in the recording).
Bill has been making theater for quite a while - since the 70's, he's been accounted for by the profession. He met some influential mentors along the way while forging his own, very specific path. He co-founded a theater, Touchstone Theatre, in Bethlehem, PA of which he is currently an Ensemble Member. He also runs an artistic retreat at Little Pond in Nazareth, PA, and produces his own shows.
If you've ever seen him on stage or been his student in a workshop situation, you know that Bill is a performer, and a constant creator of original work. He's a seminal figure in the artistic scene of the Lehigh Valley and beyond. I feel privileged to have been Bill's student at Touchstone when I was an apprentice there, and I'm so glad that we were able to have such a great discussion about his career.

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